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Kathryn Eye Collection

Kathryn Eye was a nurse and missionary to the Congo from 1939 to 1960. 

Kathryn Eye in her nurse's uniformKathryn Eye was born in West Virginia on February 9, 1909, to a Methodist reverend and his wife.  Miss Eye received a B.A. from Emory and Henry College in 1931 and B.S. and R.N. degrees from Johns Hopkins in 1936.  She continued to work at Johns Hopkins Hospital until receiving her missionary appointment to the Congo in 1938.  Before her arrival in Africa, she spent several months training and traveling in Western Europe.  During her furloughs from missionary work she continued to study medicine at various institutions including Vanderbilt University, the Florence Nightingale Hospital in London, and the Pasteur Institute in Paris. 

Miss Eye serKathryn Eye in the Congo holding a childved four missionary terms in the Congo and was partway through a fifth when the tumult of the Congo independence from Belgium led the U.S. Air Force to evacuate her.  Back in the United States Miss Eye worked for the Asbury Methodist Church in Harrisonburg, VA before becoming a Methodist minister.  She spoke and preached in various locations from Virginia to Maryland, and even into Tennessee and Pennsylvania. 

Miss Eye lived in the Harrisonburg area until her death in November 1979.

The Kathryn Eye Collection consists of her letters to friends, family, and supporters in the United States as well as items she collected during her time in the Congo.