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About Madison For Keeps

Last year, James Madison University – along with colleges and universities across the nation – saw a sudden surge in the number of families experiencing unexpected changes in their household incomes. JMU responded quickly by mobilizing an emergency fundraising and student financial aid program named Madison For Keeps. It was an enormous success.

While many households in the JMU community still suffer from the affects of a slowly recovering economy, there was no sudden and large surge this year. So the university had time to plan on meeting the overall financial aid need and there was no reason to relaunch an emergency fundraising program such as Madison For Keeps.

Of course, the need for student financial assistance remains high and JMU is actively raising private funds to meet this need. In fact, generous alumni and friends continue to make gifts to support students in need and the university continues make these funds available to qualified students requiring assistance. But because the scale and suddenness of the problem is nowhere near as large as it was last year, the Madison For Keeps program is not the focus of our fundraising efforts.

Finally, we cannot predict the future and the economic recovery remains fragile. So we may see Madison For Keeps or a program like it again if we experience an unexpected large increase in appeals for student financial aid. If and when that happens, we are confident that alumni and friends of James Madison University will rise to the challenge.

Thank you for your interest in helping the students at JMU. Your continued support is essential to our mission and deeply appreciated.