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2018 Project Summary Preview

Madison Trust is pleased to announce our final 10 presentations for our on-campus event on Friday, February 16, 2018.

Through Madison Trust, you can help foster JMU’s enterprising spirit and help develop potentially life-changing innovations. Madison Trust is where JMU’s culture of discovery and engagement meets investor passion. Projects improve the quality of the Madison Experience and make the world a better place. Be a part of the best JMU has to offer as an investor-judge for Madison Trust.

You can transform these projects into life-changing innovations. Please attend and invest in the project that's right for you.

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Carrie Combs
Executive Director

Chronic Cough Suppression Device

MediValley is a device under development that aims to suppress chronic coughing in adults, a debilitating condition that afflicts 20-40 percent of the U.S. population. Prescriptive medicines often have side effects and over-the-counter medicines are often ineffective. The product applies vibration to the tracheal region of the neck to reduce the urge to cough.

JMU Ice House Creatives: Where Talent and Targets meet

A key to success for new entrepreneurs and small businesses is "to be noticed” by having an up-to-date, engaging Web presence paired with targeted branding. In the Ice House Creatives, the Small Business Development Center will utilize the creative talents of JMU students to provide local businesses with these essential marketing tools, which are a challenging budget issue for new businesses.

Mathematics Connection Theater

“I (wish I didn’t) HATE math!” Nationally about 130,000,000 Americans currently have a widespread disdain for mathematics. Yet nationwide, adults rank math skills behind only team building and reading as the most important skills essential to be successful in our technologically growing society. The JMU Mathematics Connections Theater is using the power of the arts to help connect students to mathematics and raise the curtain on prevailing attitudes to reveal this stunningly beautiful, entertaining, and powerful field.

A Week of Mindful Connection

Today’s students are often more connected to screens than they are to each other. They struggle to focus, prioritize among commitments, and maintain wellness.
JMU's Initiative for Contemplative Study and Practice is proposing a Week of Mindful Connection that would foster deeper engagement and attention to wellness for JMU students, faculty and staff.

Madison Online Marketing Challenge

During the past decade JMU students have won more titles than any other school in the world in the Google Online Marketing Challenge global competition. When Google discontinued the GOMC in August of 2017, the Madison Online Marketing Challenge idea was born. It is a replication and extension of Google’s competition, but held at the university ­level. The project aims to help JMU students continue learning digital marketing as they meaningfully impact nonprofits in the local and global community.

CIRCLE: Caring for Immigrant and Refugee Children's Learning Experiences

The CIRCLE project will inspire local teachers and JMU education students to mindfully design learning experiences that cultivate students’ ability to live successfully in a globally diverse community. In Harrisonburg, refugee and immigrant students enrich cultural and social life, while at the same time have unique backgrounds, experiences and needs which, when properly engaged, can yield academic benefits for all.

Small Animal Data Station

Research by a wide variety of organizations requires the trapping of small animals. Traps require vigilant monitoring; yet even with careful methods, escape and mortality may lead to unsatisfactory data. We developed a bait station, designed with Tinker Cad software and printed on a 3­D printer, which allows us to weigh,measure, and photograph trap visitors while allowing mammals to enter and exit at will. We have found no other trap that does this on the market today.

Madison Alumni Legacy Initiative

Launch a Madison Legacy Admissions Weekend to promote JMU matriculation for alumni families with students who are making their college decisions. The program will include: the Pup Rally, a real-world viral marketing campaign of legacy families planting yard signs in their hometowns, receptions, programs, panels lectures, tips, and more.

Taking the Madison Discovery STEM outreach program to the next level

Madison Discovery, a STEM outreach program that reaches 1,000 Shenandoah Valley Students a year, is ready for substantial scale­up; efforts that will also allow for sustainability, national recognition, and opportunities for JMU students to engage in the community in leadership roles.

3D Printing: Personalized Prosthetics for Below-knee Amputees

Today there is an emphasis on 3D printed products for medical purposes such as finger splints, orthodontic braces, skull implants, and arm prosthetics. With the expertise of our faculty and the passion of our undergraduates, we envision this project will advance the field of prosthetics by providing a cost-efficient method of 3D printing a socket for individuals with a Van Nes Rotationplasty without a user needing to visit a prosthetist.

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