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An effective way to learn the definition of a new word

Using the LINCS Chain Analogy (from The Vocabulary Strategy Trainer's Guide, revised edition 2000)

  • Different pieces of knowledge are linked together like a chain.
  • Many times, if you can remember the information in one of the links in a chain, you will remember information in many of the other links.
  • When you apply the LINCS Strategy to a word you need to remember, you create a strong chain between the word and its meaning.
  • The stronger the links between the pieces of information, the easier you can remember them. The weaker the links, the more difficulty you'll have remembering them.

A picture of the LINCS chain - the links in this chain are: word, reminding word, LINCing story, LINCING Image, and Definition

To use the LINCS Strategy:

List the word and definition

Identify a reminding word

Note a LINCing story

Create a LINCing picture

Self Test