Frequently Asked Questions


What are the deadlines to apply? 
For fall, the application window is January 1 - March 1 (preferred).  For spring, the application window is August 1 - October 1.

With the application, should I send a copy of my resume?
Yes, the resume needs to be uploaded via the online application. See a list of required materials on our Admission Criteria page. 

Is an interview required?
A personal interview may be requested.

When will I find out if I have been accepted?
Acceptances are generally announced within 30 days of the application deadline.


What is the cost of the program?
See the Graduate Tuition section of the University Business Office website for current rates.

Are there scholarships or other financial aid opportunities?
Yes, see the Graduate School website and Financial Aid website for details.

Are assistantships available?
Doctoral GA positions are available only to full-time students, and are awarded along with admission to the program. Funding is not guaranteed, but every attempt will be made to fund the student for 4 years. See the Graduate School Assistantships website for details.

Is this a separate application process?
No, on your application, you may indicate whether you would be interested in a doctoral GA position.

Prior Courses:

Will any of my credits (from my master's program or other courses) transfer? What if my degree is an MBA?
On a case by case basis we will accept transfer credits from previous MBA programs. We do not accept courses from other master's programs for a student's Ph.D. level concentration courses. 

Should I take pre-requisites before I apply?
Applicants should have completed an introductory statistics course (PSYC 210 at JMU or the VCCS equivalent: PSYC 213 are good options if you have not already completed this requirement) and an undergraduate financial accounting course (JMU's COB 241 or equivalent). Other background coursework may be required depending upon the student's concentration.


What are the requirements of the externship?
The externship consists of at least 100 hours of service to an organization as part of the LEAD 891 course, which also includes:
  1. Journal
  2. New Readings highlighting the role of leaders in organizational change
  3. Written Case Study
      For additional details on the externship, see Appendix A of the SSLS Handbook.

What research areas are current students involved in?
See a list of our current students and their research interests on the Ph.D. Student Profiles page. 

Do you use a cohort program model?
We do have some students moving through their courses together, but since our students work full time, and some can take more courses per semester than others, we do not use a formal cohort model.

What do I need to know about registration?
See our Registration Guide.

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