All Bachelor of Arts programs require at two years of a foreign language with proficiency through the intermediate level.

What does this mean for you? It depends on how much language you had in high school.

If you had no language in high school (or one year or less of a language), or want to start a new language at JMU,

it means you would need to start at the beginning of the language and take four semesters (or the equivalent) of that language.

You would enroll in the 101 class of a language, then take 102, 231 and 232.  

But wait!  For some languages, you could also complete your requirement in one summer by taking 111 in Maymester and 212 in June.  The 111 classes are the equivalent of 101 and 102 and the 212 classes are the equivalent of 231 and 232.

If you had two or more years of a language in high school and want to continue that language at JMU,

it means you need to take a placement exam to see where you would start.

Satisfying Your Foreign Language Requirement with a Placement Exam

You can satisfy your a two-year foreign language requirement for a B.A. program may IF

1. you place into the 300 level of a language
2. Confirm the score.

To confirm the score you will need to either enroll in the 300 class OR retake the FLPE in the Language Resource Center (Keezell 103) to confim your 300 placement.

(If you go to confirm your placement and do not place into 300 again, you must take the 232 class to satisfy your two-year B.A. foreign language requirement.)

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