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Minor in Sport Communication

This minor consists of course work offered in communications, media arts and design, and kinesiology for students with an interest in sports media and communication.

Interested students should contact Dr. Christopher Womack at womackcx@jmu.edu

Courses Credit Hours

KIN 242. Introduction to Sport Communication

KIN/SMAD 243. Sport Communication Techniques – Broadcast 3
KIN/SMAD 244. Sport Communication Techniques – Written 3

Choose one of the following:
KIN 304. History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport
KIN 329. Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Sports

SCOM 260. Introduction to Public Relations 3
KIN 474. Practicum in Sport Communication 3
  17-18 Total

Overview of the Sport Communication Minor

The Sport Communication minor introduces students to the profession of sport-related broadcast and print communication.Students interested in this program are encouraged to carefully review the information below.

Admission to the Minor

Due to enrollment limitations in certain required courses, only 30 new students are admitted to the minor each year. Admission notifications are made annually on November 1.  If a student would like to be considered for the minor the student should enroll in KIN 242 (‘Introduction to Sport Communication’) in the fall. The student does not need to be a declared minor to enroll in KIN 242. Out of the students enrolled in KIN 242, the top 30 are admitted to the minor by November 1. Selection criteria include (1) current GPA, (2) GPA in Cluster 1 classes, (3) current achievement in KIN 242, and (4) an application letter. Admission to this minor is competitive and cannot be guaranteed.

The Sport Communication Minor Curriculum

The Sport Communication curriculum currently consists of 17 or 18 credits, depending on the optional courses completed. Regarding the curriculum listed above, at times there are curriculum changes and sometimes this webpage is behind the changes. Please consult with the current university catalog and follow the ‘official’ Sport Communication curriculum listed there. It should also be noted that at times the University’s ‘degree progress report’ is not always accurate. Check with the Sport Communication adviser if inaccuracies are found.

Course Sequence

Because of the way the curriculum is sequenced, it typically takes four consecutive semesters to complete the Sport Communication minor.  Rising seniors typically cannot complete the minor by graduation. Please note, KIN 242 and KIN/SMAD 244 are ‘fall-only’ courses and KIN/SMAD 243 is a ‘spring-only’ course. KIN 474 (Sport Communication Practicum) should be taken as the last course in the minor.

The Sport Communication Practicum (KIN 474)

The Sport Communication Practicum (KIN 474) should be the last course taken in the curriculum. The intent of the Practicum is for students to bring the knowledge gained through courses to the practicum experience. KIN 474 is a three credit course and it is graded on a ‘credit/no credit’ basis.

Time Requirement

KIN 474 is a minimum 90 clock hour experience.Students should keep a written log of hours completed (more to follow). The site supervisor should be continuously apprised of hours completed.

Practicum Sites

The practicum is to be completed within a professional sport communication organization. Most students complete their practica with JMU’s Athletic Communication Office. However, other professional sites will be considered. Sport Communication faculty are ready to help students find suitable sites but it is the student’s responsibility (1) to contact potential sites, (2) to identify the site supervisor, (3) to obtain official site permission, (4) to complete necessary site paperwork (including insurance forms if required) and (5) to submit an application (see below) with this information to JMU’s Sport Communication adviser. All potential sites will be discussed among the Sport Communication faculty an email confirmation message will be sent to the student along with a ‘permission number’ needed to register for KIN 474.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines are April 1 for a fall semester practicum and November 1 for a spring semester practicum. Practicum may also be completed during the May term. Contact the Sport Communication adviser for details. To apply, complete the Practicum Application Form and forward it to the Sport Communication adviser before the deadline.

Hours, Dress and Local Expectations:

Once the student begins the practicum a work schedule should be negotiated with the site supervisor. Included in this schedule are dates, times, expectations and responsibilities. Daily dress during working hours should be discussed with the site supervisor. Also, any requirements/expectations of the local organization should be discussed.

Practicum Log

The student should keep a brief daily log in a Word file. This log does not need to be elaborate. It should contain days/hours worked and a brief description of the work. The log should be shared periodically with the site supervisor. As soon as the practicum ends but before the last week of the semester a copy of the log should be forwarded electronically to the Sport Communication adviser. This log, in conjunction with the site supervisor’s evaluation, forms the basis of awarding a ‘credit’ grade.  

Graduation Application

Check to make certain all required courses have been completed. Contact the Sport Communication adviser for graduation application signatures.

Dropping the Minor

If a student decides to drop the minor please complete the ‘drop minor’ form from the Registrar’s office. Failure to do this may hold up the graduation application.


  • November 24-28
    Thanksgiving holiday
  • December 8-12
    Final examinations
  • December 13
    Commencement begins at 10 a.m. in the Convocation Center.
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