James Madison University

Luden Receives Grant to Test Sports Supplement

Dr Nick Luden received a grant to study the effect of a sports supplement that has been purported to enhance clearance of lactic acid accumulated during exercise.  Dr Luden’s research team, which includes Exercise Science faculty Dr. Michael Saunders and Dr. Chris Womack, will investigate how this supplement affects cycling performance, muscle function, and intra-muscular lactate accumulation.  The project is funded at approximately $50,000 and will run through August 2011. 

Legendary faculty member in Exercise Science retires.  Dr. Judith Flohr, a long-time faculty member in Exercise Science, retired following the 2009-2010 academic year.  Dr. Flohr was a beloved mentor to several students; having been a faculty member at JMU for over 25 years.  Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Flohr was the faculty member responsible for the development of the Morrison-Bruce Center for Physical Activity in Girls and Women.  She currently directs the Morrison-Bruce Center and will continue with the Department in that capacity for the immediate future.