Dr. Christine Robinson is an Associate Professor of Justice Studies.  Dr. Robinson teaches in the core curriculum and in the Social Justice track (Track C) in the Justice Studies major. Her courses include: JUST 200: Introduction to Justice Studies; JUST 223: Social Justice Interventions & Policies; JUST 357: Environmental Justice; and JUST 400: Senior Seminar in Justice Studies.  Her research interests include sexual orientation and social policy; social control; liberation movements and countermovements; and environmental justice.

Dr. Sue E. Spivey is professor of Justice Studies . She teaches two core classes, Justice Studies 200: Introduction to Justice Studies, Justice Studies 400: Senior Seminar on Human Trafficking. She also teaches several courses in Track C (Social Justice): Justice Studies 221: Social Justice Theories, Justice Studies 341: Gender and Justice (cross listed with Tracks A and B),  and Justice Studies 375: Genocide in the 20th and 21st Centuries (cross listed in Tracks B and C).  Spivey's  teaching and research interests focus on gender, class, race, and sexual inequality with specific interests in structural violence and discrimination.  Her most recent work has appeared in Genocide Studies and Prevention , the Journal of Homosexuality, and Gender and Society.

Daisy Breneman serves as the Justice Studies Academic Advisor and teaches in the major, including JUST 100: Proseminar and JUST 301: Special Topics: Justice and Disability.  She also serves as the faculty advisor for the Justice Studies Student Society.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions about the major, graduation requirements, transferring, careers and internships, and civic and community engagement, or for assistance with anything else related to career and academic advising in Justice Studies.  Her professional interests include academic advising, diversity, disability studies, social justice ally formation, general education, digital humanities, and popular culture. 

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