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Frequently Asked Questions

   How are classes scheduled?
   How much are the program fees?
   When are educational program fees due?
   Where will my class be held?
   What happens if I come late or fail to come at all?
   What can I expect from a class?
   Do I have to be sanctioned to take a class?

    The University Health Center charges a $25 no-show fee to those who are late or fail to show to BASICS and High Expectations and may result in an additional charge of "Non-Compliance with an Official Request."
    If you are unable to attend or mistakenly miss a class, please call the Office of Judicial Affairs at 540.568.6218. 
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  • What can I expect from a class?

    Facilitators will go over guidelines and expectations at the beginning of each class. Rules that all classes follow include:
    • No cell phones
    • Confidentiality agreement
    • Completion of any / all homework assignments
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  • Do I have to be sanctioned to take a class?

  • No. Students who are interested in our classes for personal reasons or court sanctions can call our office to enroll in a class. You will not be charged the $50 facilitation fee unless you wish to recieve proof of completion for the program.

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