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Judicial Opportunities

Student Judicial Coordinator
Position Description 

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the Office of Judicial Affairs, its mission and its outcomes, as well as to all University and Student Affairs value statements, including the Madison Way.

  • Maintain confidentiality, following the appropriate legal and ethical requirements.

  • Conduct Administrative Option Hearings for possible judicial violations.

  • Meet with the Graduate Assistant supervisor on a weekly or bimonthly basis.

  • Meet with the Director of the Office of Judicial Affairs on a monthly basis.

  • Actively participate in Hearing Officer meetings each week and All-Staff meetings each semester.

  • Assist with Judicial Council training and selection.

  • Assist with the creation of council case paperwork as needed.

  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of Student Judicial Coordinators for the following academic year.

  • Attend one SGA meeting each semester; coordinate with the SGA president when you will attend.

  • Serve on the SGA Appeals Committee if election appeals are submitted.

  • Participate in office professional development activities.

  • Assist with additional projects and duties as assigned.

** This position is an elected position through the Student Government Association

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