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Students & Judicial Affairs

This portion of the Judicial Affairs website aims to offer more information and answer questions for all James Madison University students. Whether you are facing a judicial charge and have questions; are researching a class project; or are just curious about the judicial process, this section is for you!

New to Campus?JMU Duke Dog

Welcome! If you are new to campus, please take a moment to look through the student handbook. Reveiwing the handbook will help expose you to campus resources, while helping you familiarize yourself with campus policies.

The student handbook includes a list of all university policies, judicial policies, and student services. The online handbook can be accessed at that Student Handbook link.

Interested in Giving Back to the JMU Community?

Take a moment to browse through the section titled "Opportunities in Judicial." This section highlights the employment and volunteer opportunities available in Judicial to students here at the university!