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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

Typically a one-on-one partnership between a trained coach and a person who may want to:

  • resolve a dispute (past, present)
  • prevent an unnecessary dispute
  • prepare for a conflict conversation
  • generally improve his/her competency in conflict management

(Source: Noble, C. (n.d.) Retrieved from Cinergy Peacebuilding: One Person at a time)

Conflict coaching can also be beneficial for groups. A coach can work with groups to help identify wants, needs, and goals, and then develop a plan to reach the stated goals. This process often fosters discussion of strengths and weaknesses of individuals or groups, as well as opportunities for positive changes and setbacks. Coaches aim to empower the client(s) to use their own skills and resources to solve conflict in an effective manner.

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