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How To Place a Charge

A Judicial Affairs charge can be placed against a student who has violated a university policy found in the JMU Student Handbook. Each violation is specifically outlined in the handbook by code number and specific details of what constitutes a violation. To read the JMU Student handbook, please access the online version or contact the Office of Judicial Affairs for a hard copy.

Judicial Affairs is Not the Honor Council

A Judicial Affairs charge should not to be confused with an academic honor code violation. Honor code violations are specified in the Honor Code and seen by the Honor Council. For more information regarding the Honor Code please visit the Honor Council website.

If a Crime Has Been Committed

If you believe a crime has been committed against you or someone in the JMU Community, please contact JMU Public Safety immediately at 540-568-6911 or access the Public Safety website.

If You Are Still Not Sure

If you have read the above information and are still not sure if your potential charge should be handled by the Office of Judicial Affairs, please call and talk with one of our administrative staff members at 540-568-6218.