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Alcohol & Drug Policies

This section outlines four major alcohol and drug policies that Judicial Affairs enforces here at JMU. To see a more detailed specific lists of what alcohol or drug violations entail, please refer to the Student Handbook.


Once found responsible for an alcohol /drug violation(s) students will receive a strike.  Strikes are cumulative over your entire career at JMU.  Students may be suspended, using the standard guideline of 3 strikes, for a minimum of one semester.  Students may be suspended prior to a third strike for violations which pose health or safety concerns to the student or the community.


This policy applies to those students who are under the age of 21. Parental notification will occur after the first alcohol and/or drug violation(s) and any subsequent violation thereafter. Cases that may involve parental notification include those where students’ cases have been adjudicated on-campus and the student has been found responsible or when a student is arrested or received a citation off-campus for an alcohol and/or drug charge(s).


Once a JMU student has been convicted or received a citation for any felony or alcohol/drug violation(s) in Harrisonburg or Rockingham County they will be subject to university disciplinary action.


Students who voluntarily report they are in need of medical attention, have medical attention requested for them by a bystander, or bystanders who voluntarily report that someone else is in need of medical attention due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs may apply for amnesty from receiving a strike.   Approvals for this policy are made by the Office of Judicial Affairs.  For the full ECAP policy, please visit: