From: Media Relations

December 14, 2005

  • To find out whether James Madison University is open, closed or opening late in the event of snow, ice or other inclement weather, JMU students and employees should check for information via one of these options:
    • Online at the main JMU Web site at www.jmu.edu under "JMU News"
    • Phone 433-5300 for a recorded message
    • Within Harrisonburg, listen to 1610 AM on your radio
    • Tune in to area radio or TV stations for announcements. NOTE: Most commercial stations only announce closings or late openings.
    The university community and the public are asked NOT to call campus police or campus operator lines for weather information so that those phone lines are not tied up.

  • To report event and activity cancellations, building or service closings or changes in open hours, including on weekends:
    • Call University Information at 568-3325 and leave a message
    • Send an e-mail to kennanss@jmu.edu
    • Submit cancellations by AOL Instant Messenger using screen names: JMU Joe Info or KennanssS.
    A listing of cancellations and other similar announcements due to inclement weather will be posted on the Web on the Faculty/Staff and Current Students gateways.

    Should classes or exams need to be canceled due to bad weather, an announcement about make-up days will be posted on the main JMU Web site.

    University closings and late openings are governed by Policy #1309.

    The section of Policy 1309 dealing with final examinations and closing is as follows:

      "Final Examinations Missed or Rescheduled Due to Inclement Weather or Emergency

      In response to inclement weather and other emergencies, the university may be forced to cancel or reschedule final examinations. Decisions to close university operations will be made by the President, or a designee. If the decision to close the university and reschedule final examinations is made, announcements will be made as noted above
      (that is, on the Web and radio station 1610 AM).

      When the university closes due to weather or other type of emergency, faculty will administer regularly scheduled examinations at a time designated by the university unless otherwise announced in the course syllabus. The official make up time will be designated as part of the closing announcement. Unless otherwise notified, examination locations will be the same as the location for the regularly scheduled exam.

      If it is determined that exams cannot be given because of inclement weather or other emergency, faculty will assign final grades to students based on the exams, tests and projects completed prior to the regularly scheduled exam date."

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