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Student Affairs and University Planning Program Review Resources

This page is specifically designed for those involved in the program review process in the Division of Student Affairs and University Planning. You can use this page to learn more about the program review process, understand the roles of the department and committee chairs, find useful resources to assist with the program review, and review summaries of recently-completed program reviews.

Program Review Process

Detailed Description

Assistance Provided by Institutional Research

Research Tools Overview

Program Review Summaries

Program Review Summary Template (Word version)

Completed Program Reviews

Learning Resources

SWOT Analysis

What Is Program Evaluation?

Conducting Program Review-related Surveys

Conducting Program Review-related Focus Groups

Student Affairs & University Planning
Program Review Schedule




Previous Reviews

Spring 2008

Counseling  & Student Development Center

Rich Harris (CSL)


Spring 2009

Residence Life

Frank Doherty (IR)


Fall 2009

Disability Services

Cannie Campbell (UHC)


Fall 2009


Josh Bacon (JUD)


Spring 2010

Institutional Research

Valerie G (CMSS)


Fall 2010

University Health Center

Lee Ward (CAP)


Spring 2011

Judicial Affairs

Valerie Schoolcraft (ODS)

2001, 2006

Spring 2011

Community Service-Learning

Maggie Evans (ORL)

2000, 2006

Fall 2011

University Unions

David Onestak (CSDC)

2000, 2005

Spring 2012

University Recreation

Tisha McCoy-Ntiamoh (ORIENT)

2001, 2007

Spring 2012

Career & Academic Planning

Dave Barnes (UU)

2002, 2007

Fall 2012

Multicultural Student Services

Eric Nickel (UREC)

2003, 2008