JMURJ Faculty Reviewers

JMU faculty in disciplines across campus volunteer as JMURJ reviewers

Faculty reviewers serve in JMURJ's double-blind peer review process:

  • Reviewers evaluate submissions specific to their discipline and/or area of expertise, ensuring that all submissions sent out for review are evaluated against discipline-appropriate standards and conventions
  • Reviewers typically review no more than two submissions per year

Faculty reviewers operate within the constraints of the academic year and work with the JMURJ Editorial Board to move submissions through the double-blind peer review process quickly:

  • Reviewers who accept submissions for review work to return their reviews within three weeks
  • Reviewers who have questions regarding their ability to review submissions due to disciplinary applicability should contact the JMURJ Editorial Board as soon as possible
  • Reviewers who identify issues that might affect the integrity of the peer review process should return submissions to the JMURJ Editorial Board as soon as possible

Faculty reviewers send their recommendations to the JMURJ Editorial Board but write their reviews for the authors:

  • Reviewers may recommend that JMURJ publish submissions with or without minor revisions
  • Reviewers may recommend that the authors revise and resubmit their work. Resubmitted work that responds to reviewers’ written feedback will be returned to reviewers for further attention
  • Reviewers may recommend that submissions are not appropriate for publication at this time, noting that further work might warrant resubmission
  • Reviewers may recommend that submissions are not appropriate for publication in JMURJ

Faculty reviewers advance undergraduate scholarly research across James Madison University:

  • Reviewers offer written responses to submissions, affording undergraduate students an introduction to the academic review process
  • Reviewers promote JMURJ, alerting JMU undergraduates to the opportunity for publication and encouraging deserving students to submit their work
  • Reviewers represent JMURJ in the larger JMU community
JMURJ Faculty Review Board

Faculty Review Board members are JMURJ's first resource when a new submission is ready for review. Faculty Review Board membership is based on faculty interest and JMURJ need. We need you; are you interested? Faculty Review Board members typically receive no more than two submissions for review each semester. Write to

Dr. Jessica Adolino, Political Science Dr. Steven Guerrier, History
Dr. Melissa Aleman, Communication Dr. Jim Herrick, Biology
Dr. Chris Arndt, History Dr. Bernd Kaussler, Political Science
Dr. Ed Brantmeier, Education Dr. Hak-Seon Lee, Political Science
Dr. Elizabeth Brown, Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Sean McCarthy, WRTC
Dr. John Butt, History Dr. Cathryn Molloy, WRTC
Dr. Vivien Chan, Psychology Dr. Joshua Pate, Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management
Dr. Stephen Chappell, History Dr. John Ott, Art History
Dr. Chris Colocousis, Sociology Dr. Christopher Rose, Biology
Dr. Breyette Covington, Health Sciences Dr. Julie Sanford, Nursing
Dr. Kerry Crawford, Political Science
Dr. Mikihiro Sato, Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management
Dr. Maria deValpine, Nursing
Dr. John Scherpereel, Political Science
Dr. Thomas Dillon, Computer Information Systems
Dr. Kathryn Stevens, Art History
Dr. Dolores Flamiano, SMAD Dr. Jeffrey Tang, Integrated Science and Engineering
Dr. Michael Galgano, History Dr. Andrew Witmer, History
Dr. Richard Gaughran, English
Dr. Jim Zimmerman, WRTC
Dr. Keith Grant, Political Science

Additional Faculty Reviewers: Volume 2
Dr. Jennifer Almjeld, WRTC Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi, History
Dr. Charles Blake, Political Science Dr. Keith Holland, Engineering
Dr. Andreas Broschied, Political Science Dr. John Keller, Political Science
Dr. Liam Buckley, Anthropology Dr. Lamont King, History
Dr. Tony Chen, ISAT Professor Cameron Macauley, Cross Disciplinary Studies
Dr. Jeff Dyche, Psychology Dr. A. J. Morey, Cross Disciplinary Studies
Dr. Mark Facknitz, English Dr. Leigh Nelson, Communication
Dr. Allison Fagan, English Professor Sarah O’Connor, WRTC 
Dr. Eric Fife, Communication Dr. Matthew Rebhorn, English
Dr. Kethera Fogler, Psychology Dr. Jennifer Rosier, Communication
Dr. Joanne Grayson, Psychology Dr. Linda Sobel, Nursing
  Dr. Nathan Sprague, Computer Science
Additional Faculty Reviewers: Volume 3
Dr. Chris Bachmann, ISAT Dr. Brooks Hefner, English
Dr. Alison Bodkin, Communication Dr. Laura Henigman, English
Dr. Kevin Borg, History Dr. Michelle Hesse, Health Sciences
Dr. Maleka Brown, Psychology Dr. Daniel Holt, Psychology
Dr. Jennifer Byrne, Political Science Dr. Linda Hulton, Nursing
Dr. Heather Carmack, Communication Dr. Krisztina Jakobsen, Psychology
Dr. Jean Cash, English Dr. Melissa Leisen, Nursing
Dr. Jaideep Chowdhury, Finance Professor Christina Lam, Nursing
Dr. Erika Collazo, Health Sciences Dr. Spencer Leonard, History
Dr. Shannon Conley, ISAT Dr. Claire Lyons, Psychology
Dr. Stephen Cresawn, Biology Dr. Stephen Marrin, ISAT
Dr. Christian Davis, History Dr. Richard Meixsel, History
Dr. Samy Sayed El-Tawab, ISAT Dr. Lisa Porter, Sociology
Dr. Theresa Enyeart Smith, Health Sciences Dr. Ronald Raab, ISAT
Dr. Joshua Ewalt, Communication Dr. Mark Rankin, English
Dr. Lilian Feitosa, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Dr. Edna Reid, Intelligence Analysis
Dr. Timothy Fitzgerald, History Dr. Keith Richards, Communication
Dr. Patrick Fleming, Philosophy Dr. Heather Scheuerman, Justice Studies
Dr. John Gibson, Music Dr. Kyle Seifert, Biology
Dr. Janet Gloeckner, Nutrition Dr. Roger Soenksen, SMAD
Dr. Dawn Goode, English Dr. David Stringham, Music
Dr. Michael Gubser, History Dr. Mary Thompson, English
Dr. Eric Guinivan, Music Dr. Tim Walton, Intelligence Analysis
Dr. Jason Haney, Music Dr. Maria Wessel, Health Sciences
Dr. William Hawk, Philosophy Dr. Diane Wilcox, LTLE
Professor Philip Heap, Economics Dr. William Wood, Economics
Additional Faculty Reviewers: Volume 4
Dr. Robert Brent, ISAT Dr. Alan Levinovitz, Philosophy and Religion
Dr. Jason Fink, Finance Dr. Michael Moghtader, WRTC
Dr. Marina Favila, English Dr. Heidi Pennington, English
Dr. Maria Galmarini-Kabala, History  Dr. William Van Norman, History
Dr. Mollie Godfrey, English Dr. Sue Spivey, Justice Studies
Dr. Philip Herrington, History Dr. Tom Tao, Intelligence Analysis

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