CFP Spring 2015

Undergraduate students in disciplines across JMU submit their research and scholarship to JMURJ. Why? Here are five top reasons to publish in JMURJ.

Seeing your work published is exciting and fulfilling. JMURJ Volume 2 author Juliana Garabedian reflects, "As a writer, having your work reviewed and  published, especially at the undergraduate level, is a big deal because it proves that what you learn has real-world application. In addition to being able to show that I’m contributing to the writing community, I get to show my friends and family what I’ve been working toward for the past four years." Join the students around you who are excited to see their work published in a scholarly journal

Share your work. Your professor has seen your research and scholarship, but a wider audience awaits. Share your work across campus, extend it into your academic field, and find your larger audience through JMURJ. Publications on the JMURJ Scholarly Commons platform are indexed in Google Scholar and appear in scholarly searches. Recent downloads have come from across the United States and from Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, India, China, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, and Iceland. Find your worldwide readership through JMURJ.

Diversify your experiences. You've done the work for class, but why not keep going? JMURJ offers an experience that many never have the opportunity to enjoy. Getting the most out of your time at JMU means taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Refine your work through our editing process. JMURJ is a peer-reviewed journal with a Faculty Review Board that reads and responds to submissions. Students who publish with us appreciate how JMURJ has enabled them to make their work the best it could be. Garabedian explains, "JMURJ gave me the opportunity to write something better. . . . You have to be ready to accept that your paper is not perfect. A lot of writers limit themselves with this type of mentality, but if you learn from revisions and work toward the end goal of bettering yourself as a writer, it’s worth it in the end."

Strengthen your resume by capitalizing on the time you have already invested in your project. Students who have published with us use their JMURJ experience as a talking point at interviews, as a part of their portfolio, and on their resume as they impress potential employers.

There are many reasons to submit to JMURJ. Take five minutes to submit your own work to JMURJ and discover more reasons for yourself.

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