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Perception Survey Results

Perception survey results have been provided to share information learned from students, alumni and employers. Academic and administrative units may utilize these results in their planning efforts.

Students are surveyed as first-time students in the summer prior to entering JMU, as continuing students in the fall and as alumni upon graduation and again between 2 to 5 years later. The most recent reports about our students can be accessed from the Office of Institutional Research web site.

In general, more than ninety percent of the students are satisfied or very satisfied with James Madison University and the quality of the experiences that they anticipate having as new students or have had as continuing students or alumni. More than three-fourths of the alumni are satisfied or very satisfied with the way James Madison University has prepared them for their current work.

More than ninety percent of the employers surveyed stated that James Madison University 
graduates had the attributes necessary for success in their organizations. Nearly three-fourths of these same employers indicated that the James Madison University graduates they have interacted with were superior or above average when compared to other employees in their organization.

Many surveys about students such as the ones listed below can be found on the Institutional Research website.

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