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January Symposium provides opportunities for faculty development and rejuvenation in a lifelong journey of inquiry. It intends to re-connect faculty with their scholarship and to provide opportunities to engage with colleagues across colleges and disciplines.

Over the past several years, participants of January Symposium have reported positive impact from their participation. Last year alone, one hundred sixty-five faculty attended January Symposium.  On average, previous year's faculty rated their overall experience as a 4.1 on a 5 point scale.

What follows are comments made by faculty about January Symposium in the past few years:

"January Symposium allowed me to interact with other faculty as scholars, reinforcing the good work of which we are capable."

"It is always a delight to learn something new, think in a different way, and take part in the richness of talent at this university."

"My biggest takeaway was the importance of scheduling time to write!"

"My most important take away from January Symposium is mindful meditation."

"Scholarship is really important to me--just as important as teaching and service work. I think to be whole as a faculty member, I need to nurture my scholarship as much as my teaching and service passions."

"I learned about being more thoughtful about my goals."

"My most important take away was the importance of focus and alotting specific time (no more) so that I can meet all of my obligations and preserve a healthy work/life balance."

"I really love this program. It is a wonderful opportunity for faculty. What I don't understand is why more faculty don't attend!"

"The ability to network with others from across the campus was great for me. I also stole time to chat with people from my own department who I might not otherwise get to see."

"I am taking away from the event an understanding of the desire of so many faculty to improve themselves for both their own benefit and their students"

"My most important takeaway is a beginning sense of confidence that I could learn to conduct qualitative or mixed methods research."

"One of the most important things I am taking away from the Symposium is the importance of staying engaged with your own scholarship, whether it is redefining what being a scholar means to you; talking and networking with other scholars; applying for funds to continue or advance your scholarship; or learning ways to enhance your writing productivity so that you can showcase your scholarship."

"It was invaluable to be able to set large amounts of time aside to focus on scholarship rather than the routine of the teaching cycle."

"From January Symposium I am taking away the beginnings of a sense of purpose/direction and ownership of my scholarly journey. "

"I gained new ideas for writing effective grants."

"January Symposium helped me re-strategize my scholarly progress and prioritize for the next year."

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