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Life in Harrisonburg

During the winter season (late October-early March) we have snow and ice. You will want a warm coat to wear as you walk between classes on campus. The normal winter temperature is in the range of 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit (around 0 degrees Celsius) although, it can get as cold as 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit (around -15 degrees Celsius).

Bring a few items that remind you of home (pictures, crafts, clothing, sports equipment, etc.) and to share with other students, including traditional clothes. You will have several opportunities throughout the year to showcase your culture and country.

Allow plenty of time to say good-bye and plan how to keep in touch. You will be extremely busy during your first weeks and months, so it is important that you explain to your family and friends that long periods between communications should not alarm them. It will all be part of this new adventure.

Organize your passport and all of your visa documents and supporting documents in one place on your person, not in your checked luggage so that they are easy to find and manage. Make sure that you have your:

  1. Valid passport with proper,
  2. Currently valid stamp;
  3. Form I-20 or DS-2019;
  4. Evidence of funding as appropriate to the visa classification and your intended activities in the U.S.;
  5. Contact information for the International Student and Scholar Services;
  6. Your SEVIS receipt.