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Welcome to James Madison University

Congratulations on your acceptance to James Madison University (JMU)! The International Student and Scholar Services office is looking forward to greeting and welcoming you in person. You may understand more or less when to must arrive on JMU's campus  but the specific details may be very unclear. Furthermore, you and your family members may have many questions related to where you will be living, what the weather will be like, where the nearest airport is located, etc. Knowing exactly what you need to do and sorting it out is overwhelming. Having to do so from a different country is an even more daunting task. Rest assured that we are familiar with the obstacles and challenges that you are facing.

We have broken down the information in terms of what steps you need to take care to meet all pertinent requirements, and general information for how to prepare for your arrival. Make sure to start working on these pre-departure steps immediately (even prior to having your Visa approved. It wil not cost you additional money to begin these steps and/or to register for classes... even if your Visa is not approved and if you should need to withdraw from classes):


If you are still unclear as to what you need to do please feel free to contact:

  • Thomas Lavenir- for information related to Transitions and to the different steps that you need to fulfill.
  • Jonathan Kratz- for information related to immigration and visas