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Arrival at JMU/Harrisonburg

Plan your trip wisely and accordingly:

Transitions – the international orientation program - will be taking place on August 24, 2015 starting at 8:30am which means that you will need to arrive, at least, a day earlier. Considering that general transportation options are somewhat limited from the airport to JMU, you should carefully take the following information into consideration:

Early Move-In:

  • If you live on-campus, we will arrange for you to move-in early (only if you complete the Transitions Form) in your residence hall on August 23, starting at 12pm.
  • If you live off-campus, make sure that you figure out when you will be arriving in Harrisonburg. If you should arrive late at night, or even during the weekend how will you obtain the key to your new place? Will you need to arrange for an overnight stay at a hotel?

Available transportation option to JMU:

From IAD [on August 23 and for students only - FREE]

  • 9:30am [J]  Bus  @ Hyatt hotel lobby area
  • 1pm [M] Bus  @ Airport- Baggage Area 11
  • 5pm [U] Bus  @ Airport- Baggage Area 11

From SHD

  • Unlike IAD, the Staunton/ Shenandoah Regional Airport [SHD] is only 25 minutes away from JMU/Harrisonburg. You could therefore consider taking a connecting flight from Dulles International Airport (IAD) to SHD. From SHD you can reserve (online) a shuttle to get you from the airport to Harrisonburg/ JMU for $30.

Hotel Accommodations:

Near Dulles Airport:

  • Hyatt hotel - Follow this link to make sure that you receive the special rate of $79 + tax per night. The hotel provides a free courtesy bus to and from the airport. 

In Harrisonburg:

  • Best Western hotel – We recommend this hotel due to its convenient location and the special JMU rate of $69 + tax per night. Either call 1800 937-8376 or go to this link and make sure to ask indicate (in the comment box) that you request the: JMU student rate. A JMU bus will pick you up on the evening of Sunday, August 23 and the next following days to ensure that you can attend the Transitions program, from this hotel only.

Transitions Form

In order to ensure that you:

  1. You can fully participate in Transitions
  2. You can be picked up from the Dulles International Airport (IAD) to JMU (if needed)
  3. You are granted permission to move-in early (if you live on-campus)
  4. You can be picked-up or dropped-off relatively close your off-campus apt. during the international orientation program (if needed)

Complete this Transitions Form no later than August 15th, 2015. 
Forms completed afterwards may not be honored.

F. Name: L. Name:
Student ID: E-mail:

1- Will you need transportation assistance (on Sunday, August 23)?

YES, I will take the 9:30am [J] Bus @Hyatt hotel lobby area
YES, I will take the 1pm [M] Bus @Airport- Baggage Area 11
YES, I will take the 5pm [U] Bus @Airport- Baggage Area 11
NO, I will be arriving on my own to Harrisonburg/JMU

[Keep in mind that you should add an extra hour after your expected arrival time (as it will take you a considerable amount of time to go through customs and immigration)].

If you will need transportation assistance, share your travel information- I will depart on (departing date): from (airport code): . I will be flying with (name of airline Company): (Flight #): directly to IAD to arrive on (arrival date): at (arrival time): .

2- Where will you be living?

I will be living ON-campus
I will be living OFF-campus - name of your apartment complex:

3- Do you have any questions/comments/concerns?

Thomas Lavenir will follow-up with you to confirm and to provide you with more specific information.