On-Campus Housing:

On-Campus housing is limited and only guaranteed for new freshmen students. Applying for on-campus housing therefore depends on your status and which semester you begin studying at JMU:

  • ISC (Study Group) students can live on-campus, yet there is a retricted amount of spaces available and all requests must go through Miss Julie Meirose (jmeirose@studygroup.com), Center Administrator. 
  • Freshmen are expected to live on campus. The selection process is outlined and incorporated in the OneBook steps. During the process you will be excepted to sign a housing contract, agreeing to live on campus for the entire first year. Explore the Office of Residence Life's website to obtain more information about the different residence hall options including learning communities.
  • Upperclass students may live on-campus based on availability. Exchange students need to contact Donna Sharpes directly. Transfer students refer themselves to the Office of Residence Life website.

Please note: The residence halls do NOT provide bed linens, pillows, blankets, or towels. You may purchase these items in advance on the Office of Residence Life's website. Please note that there will be many opportunities during Transitions (the International Student Orientation) and afterwards to go shopping! There is a link off of the Office of Residence Life that students can use to access the linen company for orders. You can have your order be sent to:

      • Your first & last name
      • James Madison University
      • 800 South Main Street
      • Harrisonburg, VA 22807 - USA

Off-Campus Housing:

Go to the following website: Off Campus Housing to start searching for roommates and apartments. This online database makes it very convenient for anyone to look for available apartments, roommates and/or sublets. Feel free to contact the Off Campus Life office for further assistance such as moving in, getting settled, paying utilities, etc...



If you are still unclear as to what you need to do please feel free to contact: Thomas Lavenir- for more information.