Academic Requirements:

By design, the residents of Hoffman Hall complete a number of courses together, which are developed and taught keeping their unique experiences in mind; such courses also satisfy other curricular requirements. Through an array of didactic, experiential, and community-based activities, this course prepares student-residents to apply their academic knowledge to the real world, serve their larger communities, and build intercultural relationships through cultural immersion and exchange opportunities; in so doing, personal and professional development is facilitated through active self-reflection regarding the beliefs and values, of self, others, and the world at large and how they influence human practices and policies.

The following courses are part of the Madison International learning experience: 

  • UNST 151: Making Sense of Beliefs and Values: A Guided Tour for Global Citizens (3 credits, fall semester only),
  • UNST 150: Global Living and Learning: Madison International (1 credits, spring semester only),