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Madison International (MI)

What is Madison International? 

Each year, student residents, residence hall staff, faculty-in residence, and a hall director from the United States and around the world come together to live and learn in a dynamic, international residence hall (Hoffman Hall) in the heart of JMU’s campus. 

 What is the Mission of Madison International?

 The mission of Madison International is to provide a rich array of living and learning opportunities for student-residents at James Madison University so they may:

  1. think and act locally and globally;
  2. learn from and contribute to the multiple communities in which they are embedded; and,
  3. cultivate the values and competencies of informed and enlightened global citizens who are prepared to lead productive and meaningful lives. 

 What Do We Do in Madison International?

The Madison International learning community provides an extraordinary opportunity for a diverse cohort of international and US student-residents to learn from and about each other through a series of dynamic experiential and classroom-based activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • stimulating academic course work that is uniquely tailored to the participants in Madison International;
  • intercultural residence hall programs (e.g., road trips, distinguished lectures, socials) and other special events that are coordinated or facilitated by JMU faculty and staff;
  • service learning opportunities (e.g. volunteer service in the community
  • MI students participate in Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self, a dynamic series of research / practice summit 

What Do Madison International Students Have to Say About Their Experience? 

“Madison International is a great place to meet people who have an interest in the world, want to travel and study abroad, and who have experienced different places and cultures.” [Daniel Santos]

“Madison International is a completely different experience because you get to meet all different types of people from all over the world, and they will be your friends for a lifetime”
[Samantha D’Ambola]

“I Like coming back and being able to speak french and Portuguese with people who can actually understand it. I like coming back here and feeling like I’m home.” [Andrew Ferraro]

“I really love that I get to broaden my horizons and learn about other cultures by actually meeting people from different backgrounds. It’s much different than getting
a lecture on a topic—you’re talking to someone who’s experienced it.” [Lisa Stogoski]

MI Students