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MI Governing Boards

MI Steering Committee:

Dr. Craig Shealy, MI Academic Coordinator

Marie Johnson, MI Faculty in Residence

Kathleen Campbell, Residential Learning Communities Director

Hunter Swanson, Exchange Visitor Coordinator

Jonathan Kratz, Assistant Director of International Student Success

JoAnn Benjamin, International Transfer Advising Coordinator

Vensa Hart, INU Project Officer

MI Student Community Board: 

President- Responsibilities: (a) Oversee the MI Student Committee including organizing and running the meeting, (b) Sit on the MI Steering Committee Meeting.  

Treasurer- Responsibilities: (a) Manage the Madison International budget.

PR/Communication Coordinator- Responsibilities: (a) Ensure the dissemination of information (events, minutes, photos) via Facebook, e-mail etc… to the MI community; (b) Help with the recruitment of MI participants (CHOICES fair, Web application form, etc…)

Event Coordinator- Responsibilities: (a) Assess the needs of the community in terms of their interests for the kinds of events that ought to take place; (b) implement and organize these events

Academic Coordinator- Responsibilities: (a) Assess the needs of the community in regards to: (1) their academic experience and (2) their mentoring program experience; (b) present your finding with the faculty in question and see and how changes can be implemented



 Hunter Swanson, Office of International Programs Liason. Tel: (540) 568-2993