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What issue or concern should be addressed?


The iADVOCATEs' role is to help advocate for the needs of JMU globally-minded students and their issues. What are some of the issues that international students, global nomads (or Third Culture Kids), and US students who have lived abroad face? Which issue/ concen should the iADVOCATE addresse and deal with?  This is your opportunity to share your concerns about the climate for JMU globally-minded students on this campus and the larger community.

You may fill out this form anonymously. If you choose to include personal information, your identity will remain entirely confidential. The other information you include will be posted on this website. Please include as much detail about the event as you possibly can. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for us to follow-up on the incident and potentially make a change.


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Thank you for sharing!