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2015 Sessions Schedule 

Location Workshop Title Description

1:15 p.m. - Session I

Festival- Highlands

The 3-step approach to tackling the things that "suck in the world"

During this session, Keynote speaker, Miki Agrawal will feature her 3-step approach to tackling the things that "suck in the world" by creating a business/cause/event/movement to solve said problems. This session is not only meant for you thinkto think for yourself but to interact and take something concrete with you beyond the conference. [This workshop is restricted to 100 participants only].

Festival- Conference Room 4

How can serving your community and volunteer work make you a better and stronger leader?

Attend this interactive session to find out how community Service can help empower you to become an effective leader and active community member through participation in varied experiences and volunteerism.


Create the blueprint to your student life!

Who are you? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there? Discover how to answer these questions and create your mission, vision and path to success.

Festival- Conference Room 7


ISLC session: Adapt or D.I.E.

Culture is not just about nationality, but environments that have uniquely defining characteristics. As we engage new cultural environments, we need to develop our intercultural competency skills to be successful in new environments. Come explore an engaging activity designed to assist in your intercultural competency development.

Festival- Conference Room 2


Well-Balanced Leader

As we strive to become better leaders for our teams, this session aims to refocus on ourselves (starting from the person in the mirror) by reflecting on our schedules and knowing our own personal values. This session also provides tips on how to prioritize our school as well as personal responsibilities while remain passionate for the activities in which we are involved.

Festival Conference Room 3

It’s all about how you present yourself!

By virtue of traveling around to recruit students and working closely with student organizations, Erin and Tiffany have interacted with thousands of individuals like yourself and what has mattered the most during these interactions is how individuals present themselves. Come to this session to find out the many tips and advice that you can apply to better present yourself and be perceived as the leader that you thrive to be.

3:00 p.m. - Session II

Festival- Conference Room 8


Leading Among Friends: Overcoming the Challenges

Leading isn't always easy, but what about leading your friends who happen to be on your executive board? That’s difficult to say the least! The initial tendency may be to let things slide out of fear of harming a friendship, but where do you draw the line to ensure effectiveness of your executive board?  Come learn a few tricks of the trade through an interactive session where you'll also have the opportunity to share your experiences and gather new knowledge from your fellow peers.

Festival- Conference Room 2


Tough Decisions 101

What are your ethics and how do you apply them into your leadership philosophy and style? You will ultimately face difficult decisions which you will need to know how to handle individually and in a group setting. Knowing your ethics will significantly help you be more prepared and self assured when these situations arise.

Biology Science Room 2009

Leading with Integrity: Cross-cultural Programming and Engagement

Learn from the Global Monarch Club, the largest and the most diverse international student organization at Old Dominion University about their mission, organization structure, operation and management in order to serve the need for global connection on campus. The executive board members will share how they lead, organize, and solve problems with integrity. The audiences will participate in discussion of case studies and will have an opportunity to design cross-cultural programming with the aim to enhance connections and engagement between domestic and international students.

Festival-  Highlands

Navigating and Leading Ethically to the Emergence of the Ethical You

This session will examine and discuss an individualistic view of what does it mean to Lead Ethically. The participants will learn innovative tools and strategies to enhance individual personal growth and maturity in the areas of Ethical Leadership and Personal Integrity. As participants gain valuable knowledge as they explore and discover their personal Ethical Leadership standards, they will be able to utilize the information and devise their Personal and Leadership Ethics Statement.

Festival- Conference Room 4

“Who YOU are in a Global Community”

Do you want to be, or consider yourself, an engaged global citizen? In today’s increasingly connecting community, possessing self-awareness and understanding of one’s values and beliefs is the difference between creating connections and creating enemies. This presentation will include interactive activities to help you better understand yourself and how you connect with others.

Festival- Allegheny

The Employment Visa Minefield: Life After F-1

If you are graduating soon and want to know how you may be able to stay in the U.S. to work and use your leadership skills, this is the session for you!  Come ready to ask any questions you ever had about "H-1B's" and other work visas and green cards.

Festival- Conference Room 3

Multicultural Mindset

Learn about your PLAY personality and how to incorporate this into the fun side of leadership!  Learning other people's styles of PLAY theory is just as important because as a leader, it is not always knowing your personality but knowing how to adapt your style to others to build rapport and community.  This session will leave you energized and ready to motivate others!

Festival- Conference Room 7


Health issues impact everyone, whether you become leaders in health organizations or face health decisions in your personal life. Bring your leadership hat and come play the game of ethical monopoly as we explore how ethics play a role in important health decisions.