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Event Proposal

The intent of International Week (I-Week) is to be a truly campus-wide event and one that reflects James Madison University's spirit: "All Together One." For this reason, but also to draw from the many great experiences, ideas, and expertise that the many individuals from this community can contribute, we are looking for your ideas for programs and/or events that we could feature during International Week. 

I-Week 2016 will take place during the last full week of September (September 19, 2016 - September 23, 2016).

We welcome ideas for programs and/or events that will reflect our 2016 theme: DocUmenting Our Journeys.  

At JMU we are presented with a unique opportunity to learn from one another’s journeys. This year’s theme takes into account that the important part of the journey is YOU, or in this case U, as highlighted by our title.

Did you know: 

- The Harrisonburg community is one of the most diverse areas in this region: one of 33 Church World Service Refugee Resettlement sites (and the site with the highest rate of refugee resettlement per capita) and the most diverse school system in Virginia (more than 50+ languages represented, close to 40% ELL/LEP).  

- More JMU students participate in study abroad than most of our peers (#1 for total number of students studying abroad on short term programs) with 1,200+ students studying in 55+ different countries.

- Our international student body has been increasing steadily over the past 5 years and continues to grow. Right now, at JMU, we have international students representing 70 countries.  

As we strive for creating a community that values cultural exchange and difference, the oIP is looking for proposals that provide new and innovative opportunities and ideas for documenting our diverse journeys and life stories.

DocUmenting Our Journeys, as a theme, gives you wide latitude in proposing a presentation, a panel, a workshop, a performance, a reading.  Let your memories be your springboard. 


We look forward to proposals that explore your discipline, expertise and/or related interest of yours and/or your organization through the filter/lenses of the I-Week theme. Also, we will consider other internationally-focused events, which we will add to the program as time and space permit.

While we do not have a budget sufficient to fund all of the proposals, we will support ideas as resources allow based on their relevancy, financial feasibility, and creativity. We will also consider how other proposed programs and events can be combined and how different departments and organizations can collaborate with one another.

Proposals and Ideas are due to the oIP by Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Contact information:
  • Department/Student Organization Name:
  • Name of Contact Person:
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    Program/Event Details:

  • Title of Event/Program:
  • How is your program related to this year's I-Week theme?
  • Please describe content and format
  • How will this program/event draw a significant turnout?
  • How will this program/event engage the participants?
  • What is the estimated budget for this program/event?
  • With which department(s) and/or organization(s) do you plan to collaborate?