Congratulations Non-JMU Student!

You have been accepted to study abroad on a JMU program!

Forms and deposit are needed to accept your space

Please follow the instructions below to respond to your acceptance notice. The information that follows will direct you in the steps it takes to accept or decline.


In order to accept the space being offered to you, the following must be done before the due date:

  1. Register as a special student (instructions here)
  2. Read Participation Agreement (form here)
  3. Sign Intent to Participate form - choose one by program type
    Short-term program  (form here)
    Semester program (form here)
  4. Send $500 non-refundable deposit check
    Made payable to: James Madison University
  5. Fill out Health and Emergency Treatment Authorization form (form here)
  6. Make copy of passport - Open passport to photo/personal info section and copy.
  7. Have passport photos made to turn in **ONLY if you are attending the Semester programs in Florence you need (4), London (1) or Salamanca (2). 
  8. Hand deliver or mail forms together with deposit, copy of passport and photos, if requred, to the address below so they are RECEIVED by the due date.
  9. Review checklist to see that everything is done. (Click here)

THOSE WITHOUT PASSPORTS SHOULD APPLY NOW, turn in everything else and send the passport copy when it is received

Office of International Programs
JMAC 6, Suite 22 - MSC 5731
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


If you choose not to accept the space, please email us at as soon as possible so the space can be offered to someone else.