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Why Study Abroad?

You’ve thought about it… You’ve dreamed about it…What are you waiting for?  College is the best time of your life to take advantage of the endless study abroad opportunities available to you.  You may never have another chance to immerse yourself in a different culture with the student point of view.  Wander beyond your corner of the earth. Roam across borders and oceans. Embrace cultures different from your own. Experience the adventure of a lifetime!  Studying abroad will broaden your perspective from JMU's campus in Harrisonburg in ways that you can only imagine.

Consider the possibilities… Would you rather study European Business in Zane Showker Hall or in Antwerp, Belgium, the heart of the European Union? How about fulfilling your cluster two requirements in Florence, London, or Salamanca?!  If you prefer a shorter-term program, consider one of over 40 summer offerings.  Study creative writing in Ireland, HIV/AIDS prevention in Trinidad & Tobago, or international science and technology in Malta…           

The benefits of study abroad programs are as endless as the variety JMU offers.  By challenging yourself, you will increase your self-confidence and experience yourself in a whole new way.  You will gain insight, appreciation, and new perspectives regarding your home culture.  You will build new friendships and increase your ability to interact effectively with people of other nationalities.  In addition, foreign language proficiency is one of the most highly sought skills in today’s global workforce.  In our increasingly interconnected society, international education strengthens your resume and adds merit to your degree.  The study abroad experience will broaden your horizons, enrich your life, and swing the door wide open for future opportunities.

Your world, your classroom - Study Abroad!