Financial Aid and Scholarships

Anyone can study abroad...

The challenge is finding the program that fits both your needs and your budget.  Spending a summer, semester, or year abroad is a valuable academic and personal experience.  Financial aid is available to defray your educational costs abroad.  Study abroad grants and scholarships help to bridge the gap between your usual university cost and the additional cost of a study abroad experience.  The information provided by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and other links in this section will get you started.

Federal and State Financial Aid

JMU Scholarships

JMU students may be eligible for study abroad scholarships. These scholarships are based on need and academic merit. To apply for a study abroad scholarship, you must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. These scholarships are given only to full-time JMU students.  Study abroad scholarships tend to be very competitive.

The following are offered to full-time JMU Studies Abroad students: 

JMU Studies Abroad Scholarship

JMU Studies Abroad Scholarships, of up to $500, are based on academic merit as demonstrated by GPA, financial need, and an application essay. These awards are available for fall and spring semester programs.

Helene Cecile Gallagher Scholarship

The Helene Cecile Gallagher Scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled in the JMU Semester in London. Born in 1963, Helene Cecile "Nina" Gallagher attended Thomas A. Edison High School in Alexandria, Virginia and attended JMU as did her three siblings, John, Kevin, and Diane. Among Helene’s various interests were an extensive involvement with her major in the communications and the theatre departments and a minor in philosophy and religion. While at JMU, she appeared in several productions, including The Ice Man Cometh,Remus Tales, and Hedda Gabler. Helene attended the JMU Semester in London during the fall of 1983 and was awarded a scholarship herself for an outstanding essay she had written. While attending classes at JMU the following summer, she died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 21. To commemorate her short but meaningful life, Helene's family and friends support the ongoing endowed scholarship in the amount of $500 to a Fall Semester in London student. Scholarship recipients will be awarded $500 toward the JMU Semester in London Program, deposited directly into their student accounts.

Students enrolled in the Fall Semester in London program will receive information about the scholarship during pre-departure orientation.

JMU Semester Abroad Work Programs

JMU Semester Abroad Work Programs allow students to apply for positions of Resident Advisor, Student Activities Assistant, or Program Assistants. These positions are not always available for each JMU program. Students should contact the Semester Abroad Director for position descriptions.

Further Information

For further information or for any questions, please contact the Office of International Programs at or call 540-568-6419.