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Some examples of INSA's work to secure our national reasoning include:


•MULTIDIMENSIONAL THINKING: A systematic approach to advanced critical thinking and reasoning designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of intelligence analysis.

•COUNTERFACTUAL REASONING: A comprehensive approach to analysis of possible future events that considers both how they come-to-be, how they related to other causal forces, and what their ultimate outcome might be.

•PERSPECTIVAL THINKING: A strategy for understanding a controversial issue from the point of view of another person in another culture or context.



•FORMING EFFECTIVE VISUALIZATIONS: A strategies for analysts to use in representing their conclusions clearly and concisely for others.

•TAKING A SYSEMS PERSPECTIVE: A guide for analysts to follow in exploring the interconnectedness of problems and the potential for feedback and unintended consequences.

•ASSESSING ANALYTIC CONFIDENCE: A way to teach analysts to evaluate and to explain the degree that their conclusions are justified.



•PRESENTATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS: Disseminating research through speaking and writing in traditional academic venues.

•WORKSHOPS AND CONFERENCES: Unique events geared specifically for INSA partners in intelligence and national security on both INSA methods and other major topics.

•RECRUITING AND PLACEMENT OF FUTURE ANALYSTS: Connecting agencies and organizations seeking uniquely qualified future analysts with students with first-hand education and training in rigorous analytical approaches available.