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Strategic Alliances

“Partnering for a Brighter Future”  to mark the occasion of the

               January 27, 2010 signing of a Cooperative Agreement between DEA and JMU which 
              creates intern opportunities for students at JMU’s Institute for National Security Analysis.

Pictured: Assistant Administrator and Chief of Intelligence Anthony Placido and Dr. Sharon Lovell, Interim Dean of James Madison University’s School of Integrated Science and Technology sign a Memorandum of Agreement between DEA and JMU establishing a summer intern program at DEA for JMU students.    Also present at the January 27, 2010 ceremony at DEA Headquarters were (back row, left to right) Jonah Goobic, DEA Intelligence Analyst and JMU alumnus; Doug Poole, Deputy Chief of Intelligence, Office of National Security Intelligence; Judith Bertini, Deputy Chief  of Intelligence; Mr. Raymond Pagliarini, Chief of Human Resources; Dr. Joe Marchal, JMU Faculty; Dr. Noel Hendrickson, Director, JMU Institute for National Security Analysis; Ms. Amy Ballard, Operations Coordinator, JMU Institute for National Security Analysis; and DEA Special Agent K. Erik Ellenes, JMU Alumnus.

DEA and James Madison University:

Partnering for a Brighter Future


January 27, 2010, marked the beginning of an exciting partnership between academia and the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Anthony Placido, Assistant Administrator and Chief of Intelligence at the Drug Enforcement Agency, and Dr. Sharon Lovell, Interim Dean of James Madison University’s College of Integrated Science and Technology signed a Cooperative Agreement between the two institutions.  The Agreement includes two major elements: 1) the establishment of an Intelligence Analyst intern program at DEA, specifically for students enrolled in the Information Analysis program at JMU, and 2) mutual support for analytic education and training between the two organizations.  The Information Analysis major is designed for students seeking critical thinking, geo-political, and technological skills to further the capabilities of the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Students chosen to participate in the intern program will spend two consecutive summer semesters at the DEA in order to fulfill the program requirements.

 The DEA is scheduled to receive the first cohort of students in the summer of 2010.  The intern assignments will include rotations both at a DEA field office and at DEA Headquarters in Arlington, VA.  Between the first and second summers, the interns will be processed for TS clearances, and upon graduation will be well-positioned to gain full-time employment at the DEA.  The benefit of two summer’s worth of work experience, prior to a potential job offer is an opportunity not common in many degree programs.  

Born out of the George Mason-James Madison University joint Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, the Institute for National Security Analysis at JMU played a major role in bringing the internship program to fruition.  INSA is the research arm of the Information Analysis major, providing direction in both the content and pedagogy of the degree program.  Throughout the past three years, INSA has recruited students to conduct complex research assignments pertaining to intelligence analysis, and in some cases provided a platform for the students to present their research findings to an audience comprised of professionals from the Intelligence Community. This endeavor will undoubtedly strengthen the undergraduate experience for students, in addition to ensuring the Intelligence Community has a prepared workforce ready to confront current global challenges and future threats.