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Innovation Process

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IP Disclosure Incentive Program

JMU Technology Innovation will provide monetary awards for up to the top five (5) intellectual property disclosures submitted in accordance with the process described below. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness and increase visibility of the program and the importance and benefits of the IP disclosure process for innovations.

Selection Criteria

IP disclosure must meet three criteria to be eligible to receive the award:

  • Disclosed IP must have university IP rights per University Policy 1107
  • IP must be protectable (either through patent, copyright, or trademark)
  • IP disclosed must demonstrate a market need or a compelling reason that others would find the invention/created work innovative, valuable, and/or useful. 

Selection Process

A selection committee comprised of members of the James Madison Innovations board and the Director of Technology Transfer, will select the top IP disclosures, up to five (5) in each award period. 

The award period is June 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. Award recipients will receive $2,000 from James Madison Innovations, to be divided among the named inventors.

In accordance with University Policy 1107, all discoveries, inventions and copyrightable materials (textbooks excluded) for which a university employee is responsible and which may involve an interest by the university must be reported as promptly as possible, but always prior to the start of any commercial exploitation, using the Intellectual Property Disclosure Form.

Send the completed IP disclosure form electronically to and mail the signed IP disclosure form to Mary Lou Bourne, MSC 4904 by June 30, 2014.