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Understanding Intellectual Property Workflow

Technology Innovation and Economic Development, formally known as JMU Technology Innovation, was established by Director Mary Lou Bourne in January 2005. Ever since our creation, we have been responsible for managing the intellectual property (IP) assets of James Madison University including inventions, copyrights for software and printed materials, and trademarks.

Technology Innovation and Economic Development seeks to build a working relationship with researchers and inventors to facilitate the awareness of the technology transfer process. Once we receive invention disclosures, we review the invention with its inventor(s) to learn about potential applications. We evaluate these disclosures for their commercial possibilities by analyzing the IP space of similar inventions. This IP assessment provides valuable insight to the inventor, the university, potential partners and investors as to who and what inventions are in the space as well as how unique the invention or concept is to the marketplace. 

With the IP assessment as a springboard, we develop a licensing strategy, consider the technical and market risks, decide whether to patent the invention, identify companies that may be interested in developing the invention, and seek a champion within a company before negotiating a licensing agreement through Technology Innovation and Economic Development.  Likewise, we consider whether the invention warrants the creation of a company, a desirable outcome for economic development for the right invention and the right team of people to take it to market.

Successful licensing results in royalties collected by JMI and shared with the inventors, their departments, and colleges according to the university's Intellectual Policy 1107. It is our goal to engage in long-term collaborative relationships with industry are developed to sustain on-going research for a pipeline of collaborative research and innovation at JMU.