More than career

"JMU is known for valuing service," says grad student Christine Bolander. "But I believe that it goes beyond that. JMU values people." Her work with Congolese refugees links an occupational therapy career and personal mission.

JMU President Jonathan Alger

A national model?

Can higher education meet the demands of the future? In this Q&A, President Jonathan Alger explains why the JMU model of an "engaged university" is vitally important in developing the kind of citizens the 21st century needs.

President Linwood H. Rose with JMU students

For the future

What would motivate people to do more, to transcend the mundane, to change the status quo, to touch lives — to Be the Change? JMU's retiring President Linwood H. Rose found a way, and it started with a mission statement.

Andy Russo ('15), Huber Learning Community

Community effect

Can where you live change your college experience? Andy Russo ('15), an athletic training major, says living and learning in JMU's Huber Residential Learning Community with like-minded students has been transformational.

JMU Nursing Students in Advanced Skills Lab

Life and death lessons

A patient, seemingly on the mend, suddenly suffers a pulmonary embolism and dies. How do JMU nursing students get prepared for the situations no nurse wants to face?

JMU trains students in the social work profession

Changing needs

Imagine a world with no one to speak for victims of abuse and neglect, or no one to help those with mental or physical illness. Who will weave society's safety net?