Cathy Cook, M.Ed. 



  • Evidence-based Practice in Early Childhood Education
  • Inclusive Practice in Early Education Classrooms
  • Providing Quality Interactions in Early Education Classrooms
  • Examining a Curriculum Framework for Early Education
  • Partnering with Families for a Quality Preschool Experience


As an education coordinator for the Training/Technical Assistance Center Cathy Cook I  work on many levels in Region 5 and statewide in regard to early childhood and early childhood special education. Her experience in the school divisions where she taught in the past, her experience as a child development coordinator in the Shenandoah Valley Head Start, and her administrative experience supports her level of knowledge in each area.

Krisztina Jakobson

Associate Professor


  • Typical development in infants
  • Evidence-based teaching practices


Krisztina studies cognitive development in infants and teach numerous classes on developmental psychology. Her research focuses on developmental changes that take place during the first year of life in terms of face perception. Her research with typically developing infants informs our understanding about what atypical development may look like. In addition, to studying face perception in infants, Krisztina also study evidence-based teaching practices, particularly active learning.

Amanda Randall, M.Ed.



  • Autism and Behavior


Amanda Randall, M. Ed., BCBA, began her teaching at a private residential school for children with autism and behavior disorders. There she carried out IEP goals and implemented behavior support plans to effectively decrease behaviors and increase independence. Amanda has served as a program coordinator for children services at an organization who provided after school services, day treatment and camps for students with various disabilities. From there Amanda moved to become director for an adult community inclusion program. Amanda was responsible for leading staff to implement behavior plans and individual support plans that would support adults in community settings such as college, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. Prior to moving to Virginia, Amanda spent time as an Assistant Clinical Director for adult services and with public schools as an independent consultant to classroom teachers and families. Amanda has worked with interdisciplinary teams of service providers, psychiatrists, and other clinicians to structure comprehensive behavior and medical plans for adults and children with various disabilities. Amanda is currently the Virginia Department of Education State I'm Determined Project Coordinator. Amanda attended The University of Massachusetts where she completed her Master's in Education and Applied Behavior Analysis. As one of the Virginia Department of Education State I'm Determined Project Coordinators Amanda leads state initiatives.


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