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Pre-physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is a health care profession designed to enhance the quality of life through the assessment, evaluation and rehabilitation of a variety of anatomical and neuromuscular functions. Licensed physical therapists commonly provide services in a variety of settings, including but not limited to hospitals, private clinics, school systems, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and community health centers.

There are currently 213 accredited physical therapy programs at colleges and universities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Physical therapy (DPT) programs have varying requirements for admission. Pre-PT students need to  become knowledgeable about individual school requirements as soon as possible. In addition to meaningful exposure and experience in health care settings, physical therapy schools recognize the importance of a strong foundation in biology, chemistry,  physics, psychology, sociology, and mathematics.  Applicants must complete course requirements and demonstrate proficiency as evidenced by the the overall and science GPA as well as scores on the GRE.  

The Pre-Physical Therapy Society facilitates knowledge of the profession and provides physical therapy related extracurricular activities for students at JMU.  The Pre-PT Society is a student organization that meets regularly during the academic year, participates in community events, hosts guest speakers, and hosts the annual “PT Expo” where representatives from physical therapy programs spend a day at JMU meeting with students. JMU has excellent relationships with many of these schools and has developed formal articulation agreements with some of the schools resulting in greater opportunities for our students.

Please consult Dr. Louise Gilchrist (, Pre-physical Therapy Advisor, or the PPH Office (pph@jmu.ed) for more information.