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Did You Know?

You can track your progress by using the Graduation Checklist. Mark the courses off as you successfully complete them and then bring the checklist, along with a copy of your unofficial transcript, to your advisor when it is time to prepare your graduation application.

Students must apply to the College of Education. The Application Process can be found online.

When emailing the IdLS office it is best to use your account; other email accounts, i.e. gmail, yahoo, may be filtered into junk mail and deleted.

When emailing the IdLS office, always include your student ID and full name, as it appears on your JAC card. This information will improve response time.

The IdLS office cannot, under any circumstances, discuss your academic information with your parents without your written consent under FERPA law.

There is a Science & Math Learning Center on the 2nd floor of Roop Hall where you can receive free tutoring for MATH 107.

You will find a list of "For Hire" tutors posted outside Roop room 308 if you would like one-on-one tutoring for MATH 107 or other math courses.

As an IdLS student you do have opportunity to study abroad.

IdLS has over 900 majors.

In order to apply to the college of Education you must receive a "C" or higher in GWRTC 103, GPSYC 160 and a MATH course and have a 2.5 or higher GPA.

As an IdLS major you must take MATH 107 at JMU and earn a "C-" or higher in order to move on to MATH 108. MATH 107 cannot be taken at any other school and no other course will substitute.

Completing the IdLS core requirements fulfill General Education requirements; however, completing General Education requirements does not fulfill IdLS Core requirements.

When graduating with an IdLS degree you will be graduating with a BS degree and not a BA degree, therefore foreign language is not a requirement.