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Change My IdLS Concentration

How do I change my IdLS concentration or track?

1.  Send an email, from your @dukes.jmu.edu email address, to the IdLS office, garberdv@jmu.edu indicating the change you would like to make. If you are changing from Math/Science/Technology to Humanities and Social Science also include the track you have selected.

2.  The email should include your name, student id number and should be sent from your @dukes.jmu.edu email account. (email from other accounts may be filtered to junk mail and deleted)

3.  If you want to change tracks please email using the procedure outlined above.

4.  Changing your concentration or track late in your academic career may delay your progress so it is best to make your choices before the second semester of your junior year.

5.  What are the tracks and how do you decide?  Tracks are areas within the Humanities and Social Science concentration that group courses in areas of interest. Select a track based on what you will enjoy learning more about. 

 Click on the Track for description and course offerings.                                   

Track 1

Citizenship and Public Policy

Track 2

Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Class

Track 3

The Americas

Track 4


Track 5

Asia, Africa, Middle East

Track 6

Ethics, Values, Spirituality

Track 7

Special Education Only

Email your name, ID number and concentration information to garberdv@jmu.edu to change concentration, change track, or add track. *Please send your email from your @dukes.jmu.edu email account to avoid automatic deletion of your message due to email filtering.*