The University of St. Andrews, founded in 1413, has gained a worldwide reputation for teaching and research that makes it one of Britain's "Ivy League" universities. The university of ~7,000 students sits in the beautiful coastal town of St. Andrews on the northeastern shore of Scotland, in an area known around the world as the birthplace of golf.

For detailed information about studying abroad at St. Andrews, see

JMU students can study at St. Andrews in fall or spring semesters, or for an entire academic year. Students take small enrollment courses (called "modules"), and usually take 60 St. Andrews' credits each semester. These 60 St. Andrews' credits equals ~15 JMU credits. Courses can be taken at upper (3000 or 4000) or lower (1000 or 2000) levels. JMU students will work with Dr. Linder to arrange for appropriate JMU credit.

Cost is currently ~ $11,500 per semester, and does not include housing or food. Housing is arranged separately through St. Andrews. See "Accommodations" at the website noted above.

Applications should be submitted to JMU's Office of International Programs by February 1 for the subsequent year's fall semester, and by October 1 for the subsequent year's spring semester.

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