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 Dr. Fletcher Linder

Fletcher Linder, Ph.D. - Director
Professor of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies 
Maury Hall, Room 118A, MSC 1105
Dr. Linder holds a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and an MA and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has a broad scholarly record in anthropology and related fields.

Dr. Steve Baedke

Steve Baedke, Ph.D. - Coordinator of IDLS Math/Science/Technology 
Department of Geology & Environmental Science
Memorial Hall, Room 7305J, MSC 6903
Phone: 540-568-6156
M.S. and Ph.D. from Indiana University
B.S. from University of Northern Iowa 

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Dr. Matt Chamberlin 


Matthew Chamberlin, Ph.D. - IdLS Faculty Advisor 
Assistant Professor Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Maury Hall,
Room 118B, MSC 1105
Dr. Chamberlin received his Ph.D in Anthropology from Arizona State University



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Mrs.Donna Garber 

Donna Garber - IdLS Administrative Assistant/Advisor
Maury Hall, Room 118, MSC 1105
Mrs. Garber has been in the IdLS department since November 2007.  She attended Eastern Mennonite University and earned a B.S. degree from James Madison University in Individualized Studies with a concentration in Healthcare Science and Leadership. 




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IdLS Faculty and Advisors

 Dr. Albright


Albright, Geary - IdLS Advisor   
Department of Physics 
MEM 6131, MSC 4502 
Phone: 540-568-2659
Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Virginia.
M. Ed. Science Education, University of Virginia
M.A. Astronomy, University of Virginia 
B.A. Biology, Bates College.

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Dr. Amato 


Amato, Herbert - IdLS Advisor 
University Studies
Maury Hall, Room 112, MSC 1104
D.A. Middle Tennessee State University;
M.S.Ed. James Madison University;
B.S. West Virginia University

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Dr. Brannon

Brannon, Rebecca - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of History
Jackson Hall,
Room 206

Phone: 540-568-4673
Ph.D. History, University of Michigan
M.A. History, University of Michigan
B.A. History, Amherst College

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Dr. Canivell

Canivell, Maria-Odette - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of English
Keezell Hall, Room 205, MSC 1801
Phone: 540-568-6412
Ph.D., Comparative Studies, Florida Atlantic University, 2004    
ABD, Philosophy, Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala, 1995 
M.A., Spanish, Florida Atlantic University, August, 2000 
M.A., General Psychology, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala, GTM, December, 1982
B. A., Psychometrics, Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala, GTM,1979 

JMU Bluestone Arch
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Casiple, Arlene - IdLS Advisor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Roop Hall, Room 217, MSC 1911
Phone: 540-568-6747

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Prof. Cavanagh

Cavanagh, Erica - IdLS Advisor  
Department of English
Keezell Hall, Room 207, MSC 1801
Phone: 540-568-6103
M.F.A. University of Iowa, Nonfiction Writing Program, 2004  
M.A. University of Chicago, Humanities, 2001  
B.A. James Madison University, English and Art History, 1996

Dr. Colocousis

Colocousis, Chris- IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of Sociology 
Sheldon Hall, Room 208, MSC 7501
Phone: 540-568-6963
Ph.D. and M.A. University of New Hampshire
B.A. Stonehill College 


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Dr. Connerley

Connerley, Jennifer- IdLS Adjunct Faculty
Department of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Maury Hall, Room 212, MSC 1105
Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
B.A. Centre College of Kentucky 

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 Dr. Dillard

Dillard, David - Director ISS and IdLS Advisor 
Department of History 
Jackson Hall, Room 219, MSC 2001
Phone: 540-568-3757
Doctorate at Rice University
BA and MA in American History from the University of Georgia



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 Dr. Ferenbaugh

Ferenbaugh,Joy Ph.D. - IdLS Faculty and Advisor  
Department of Integrated Science and Technology
Health and Human Services Building, Room 3210, MSC 4310
Phone: 540-568-6715
Ph.D. Texas Tech University;
M.S. University of Minnesota;
B.S. University of California at Davis.




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Frana, Philip L - IdLS Faculty
Honors Program
Hilcrest House, Room 204, MSC 1501
Phone: 540-568-4364
Ph.D. & M.A. Iowa State University, History of Technology and Science;
B.A. Wartburg College, History and Economics.




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 Dr. Gelfand

Gelfand, H - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of History
Maury Hall, Room 211, MSC 2001
Phone: 540-568-4765
Ph.D. from the University of Arizona
M.A. and A. B. from the University of Georgia 
M.A. from the Patterson School of Diplomacy.

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 Dr. Handley

Handley, Mary- IdLS Assessment Coordinator and Advisor 
Department of Integrated Science and Technology
Integrated Science and Technology Building, Room 307, MSC 4102
Phone: 540-568-2659
Ph.D. Plant Pathology, University of California-Davis
M.S. Plant Pathology, Cornell University 
B.S. Plant Science, Cornell University

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 Dr. Hanson

Hanson, Bob - IdLS Advisor 
Department of Math
Roop Hall, Room 337, MSC 1911
Phone: 540-568-6286
 Ph.D. & M.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University;
A.B. Washington and Lee University


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                 Dr. Joe Harsh

Harsh, Joseph - IdLS faculty 
Department of Biology
BioScience 2016E MSC 7801 Office Hours
Phone: 540-568-6012
Ph.D. Science Education, Indiana University
M.S. Botany and Plant Pathology, Michigan State 
B.S. Biology, Indiana University



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 Dr. Haynes

Haynes, John- IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of Geology and Environmental Science
Memorial Hall, MSC 6903
Phone: 540-568-6130
Post-Doc, Smithsonian Institution, 1994-1995;
Ph.D. University of Cincinnati, 1989;
M.S. University of Cincinnati, 1985;
B.S. Denison University, 1981

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Dr. Hulsey 

Hulsey, John - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of Political Science 
Miller Hall, Room 2189, MSC 7705
Phone: 540-568-7854
Ph.D. Indiana University - Bloomington;
B.A. University of Arkansas - Fayetteville, 2002

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 Dr. Hyser

Hyser, Skip IdLS Advisor 
Department of History 
Jackson Hall 208, MSC 2001
Phone: 540-568-6043
Ph.D. from Florida State University;
M.A. from Georgia Southern College;
B.S.Ed. from Georgia Southern College.

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Prof. Kidd 

Kidd, Judy - IdLS Advisor 
Department of Math
Roop 331, MSC 1911
Phone: 540-568-2921
M.S. James Madison University;
B.S. Radford University




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 Dr. Klevickis


Klevickis, Cindy - Roop Learning Community Advisor and IdLS Advisor 
Department of Integrated Science and Technology
Integrated Science and Technology Building, Room 251, MSC 4102
Phone: 540-568-2726
Ph.D.Biophysics, University of Virginia
M.S. Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison  
B.S. Molecular Biology,University of Wisconsin, Madison 


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Dr. Lovin


Lovin, Lou Ann, IdLS Advisor 
  Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  Roop Hall, Room 326, MSC 1911
  Phone: 540-568-6701
  Ph.D. Mathematics Education, University of Georgia
  M.S. Mathematics, Western Carolina University
  B.S. Mathematics, Cameron University
  B.S. Computer Science, North Carolina State University 

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 Dr. Mangan

Mangan, Jennifer - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Maury Hall, Room 206, MSC 1105
Phone: 540-568-4942
Ph.D. Geology, University of Colorado, Boulder
M.A. Geology Sciences, The Pennsylvannia State University,  State College
B.A. Biological Sciences, Douglass College, Rutgers University

JMU Campus

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Phillippi, Judith IdLS Advisor 
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Roop Hall, Room 326, MSC 1911
Phone: 540-568-3390

 Dr. Polanco


Polanco, Mieka - IdLS Faculty and Advisor
Department of Anthropology
Sheldon Hall, Room 215, MSC 7501
Phone: 540-568-7972
Ph.D. and M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Virginia
B.A. in Anthropology and Africana Studies from New York University.

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 Dr. Renfroe


Renfroe, Mike - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of Biology
Bioscience Building, Room 1016D, MSC 7801
Phone: 540-568-6617
Ph.D. Yale University;
M.Phil. Yale University;
M.S. - Ohio State University;
B.S. - North Carolina State University. 

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 Dr. Rife

Rife, Terrie - IdLS Advisor
Department of Biology
Bioscience Building, Room 3028D, MSC 7801
Phone: 540-568-3343
Ph.D. - Ohio State University;
B.S. - Michigan State University.

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 Dr. Sandman

Sandman, Alison - IdLS, ISS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of History
Jackson Hall, Room 212, MSC 2001
Phone: 540-568-6182
Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.A. from Harvard University.


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Dr. Mikaela Schmitt-Harsh

Schmitt-Harsh, Mikaela - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Maury Hall
, G14, MSC 1105
Phone: 540-568-
Ph.D. Environmental Science, Indiana University
M.P.A. Public Affairs, Indiana University
M.S.E.S. Environmental Science, Indiana University
B.A. from Gustavus Adolphus College.


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Dr. Walker

  Walker, Johnathan - IdLS Faculty and Advisor  
  Department of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies  
  Maury Hall, Room 208, MSC 1105
  Phone: 540-568-1742
  Ph.D. Geography, University of Georgia;
  M.A. Geography, Syracuse University; 
  B.A. Geography, University of California, Berkeley. 

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Colleen Watson


Watson, Colleen, IdLS Advisor 
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Roop Hall, Room 126, MSC 1911
Phone: 540-568-2699

 Dr. Wright

Wright, Ken - IdLS Faculty and Advisor 
Department of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies  
Maury Hall, Room 209, MSC 1105
Phone: 540-568-4379
Ph.D. Oregon English:
B.A. and M.A. English, CSU, Fresno.  

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