Who majors in IdLS?

IdLS is the content major for five teacher education programs: Early Childhood (preK-3rd), Inclusive Early Childhood (birth-3rd), Elementary (PreK-6th), Middle Grades (6th-8th), and Special Education (K-12th).

What is the process for declaring the IdLS major?

The Declaration process is automated, however you will still need to meet with an IdLS advisor, Dr Matt Chamberlin or Mrs. Donna Garber, before the process is official.

How will I know my declaration has been processed?

Once your declaration has been processed through the Registrar's office the information will be noted on your MyMadison

How will I know if my IdLS and Education information is correct?

All IdLS and Education information is kept on your MyMadison and can be checked at any time. If there is an element missing please contact the IdLS office immediately with your full name and ID number, in order to update your information.

How do I find out who my advisors are?

Your advisors are posted on the student center page of your MyMadison.

Is it possible to major in IdLS and another academic program? (double major)

Double majoring with IdLS is not recommended as the Education program workload is like a second major. In order to graduate with a second major, IdLS and the Education program you will need a total 150 credit hours. If this is something you are planning to do please schedule a meeting with the IdLS director, Dr. Fletcher Linder, to discuss your overall long term plan toward graduation.

Do I have to minor in an Education Program?

Yes. IdLS is the major for the Education program minors. Students who are doing a minor in Secondary Education will major in a specific are of study, i.e. History, Political Science, Math.

Is there a GPA requirement for the College of Education?

The GPA requirement for acceptance to the College of Education is 2.5.

Are there additional academic criteria for acceptance to the College of Education?

Yes. You must have a "C" or better in GWRTC 103, GPSYC 160, and a college level Math course. A grade of "C-" or higher is required in MATH 107 and MATH 108. A "C-" or higher is also required in MATH 105 if you are required to take the course as a pre-requisite to MATH 107 and in MATH 207 as a pre-requisite to upper level IdLS Math courses. Please see Admission Criteria in the JMU Course Catalog for more information.

How is the IdLS Core different from the General Education requirements?

By following the IdLS core you will fulfill the JMU General Education requirements, however following the General Education requirements will not fulfill the IdLS core requirements. The IdLS core requires students to take more History, more Math, and more Science than General Education. 

So I have to take Math 107?

Math 107 is a required Math course for ALL IdLS students. There are no substitutions for this course. A grade of "C-" or higher is required in MATH 107 in order to move on to MATH 108. All students are required to take the Math Placement Exam to determine if they will begin in MATH 107 or take to pre-requisite course, MATH 105. A grade of "C-" is also required in this class in order to move into MATH 107. 

What determines the Humanities and Social Science concentration track I take?

If you have selected Humanities and Social Science as your IdLS concentration you will than select a one of six tracks from which to select your upper level courses. This track choice is based on your interests.

Can I do Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Math/Science/Technology?

Yes. The concentrations may be combined as follows:

Math/Humanties and Social Sciences
Science/Humanties and Social Sciences
Humanties and Social Sciences

Students choosing Humanites and Social Sciences as part of their concentration will also choose a track. 

All students are required to take a total of seven (7) upper level, (300-400) level courses, in at least four different discipline areas and only ONE 200 level class is allowed. 

I am trying to enroll in a ISCI course and I am getting a message saying I do not meet the pre-requisite, what is the issue?

The ISCI courses are specific to IdLS students and if you have recently declared it may be that your declaration form has not processed through the Registrar's office. Check your MyMadison account under Student Center, My Major/Program to see if your major is listed as IdLS. If not please notify our office for override. Another issue can be that a particular section of the class is specfic to a group of students. Read all information posted about the class prior to attempting to enroll. If the course is listed for a Learning Community and you are not part of that community, you will be unable to enroll in that section. Other reasons you may be having problems is that you will exceed you credit hour limit, you have a hold on your account, your declaration of major has not yet been processed or the course is full. Please contact the Registrar's officeif you feel none of these issues relates to your problem.

Is IDLS 400 required?

Yes and No. If you are doing a concentration in Humanities and Social Sciences only then IDLS 400 is the required seventh class you will take in your senior year. If you are doing a combination concentration such as Humanities and Social Sciences with Math or Science, IDLS 400 is not a required class, however you MAY take it as one of the Humanities and Social Sciences classes you will need to take if you so CHOOSE. If you are a Math/Science/Technology concentrator you do NOT have to take IDLS 400. 

What if I want to take a summer class at a community college?

Taking a course at a community college over the summer is a possibility; however it requires prior authorization from the IdLS director and the Registrar. A permission form must be completed and presented along with the course description to the IdLS office prior to taking the course, for approval. There is a list of courses equivalents at Virginia community colleges, on the IdLS website.

How can I know if I am on track to graduate?

In order to follow your progress and know if you are on track for graduation, you should meet with your IdLS advisor and use the IdLS graduation checklist (HUM/SSM/S/TMIED). By marking off the courses you have successfully completed you will be able to manage your progress as you go along.

Where do I start if I transfer in with an Associate's Degree? Will my Gen. Eds. be waived?

Students coming in with transfer credit, including an Associate's Degree, should meet with an IdLS advisor right away in order to have their transcript/transfer credit evaluated. Not all transfer credit is the same. Students will declare the IdLS major and apply to the College of Education where they may be placed on a waiting list for entry into their Education program of choice. Students will also need to take Math 107. Transfer credit will be reviewed and the need for other IdLS specific courses will be determined. 

Does IdLS have study abroad programs?

IdLS does offer study abroad opportunities to its students and encourages students to do so. The IdLS department offers substitution credit for track courses with courses offered abroad whenever possible.

Where can I find Praxis information?

Praxis should be discussed with your Education advisor, however, many of your initial Praxis questions may be answered by visiting the College of Education's webpage dedicated to Praxis information.

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