IdLS Core for ECED, IECE, ELED, and SPED

English & Language Arts

Written Communication WRTC 103 [3 cr.] (or equivalent) - Earned grade of 'C' or better.

Oral Communication COM 121, 122, or 123 [3 cr.]

Literature: Choose one of the following courses:

 British ENG 235 [3 cr.] or 236 [3 cr.]

 American ENG 247 [3 cr.] or 248 [3 cr.]

 World ENG 239 [3 cr.]

 Ethnic/Minority ENG 260 [3 cr.]

History & Social Sciences

World History HIST 101 [3 cr.]

World History HIST 102 [3 cr.]

US History HIST 225 [4 cr.]

Civics POSC 225 [4 cr.]

Social, Cultural, Indiv. Processes PSYC 160 [3 cr.] - Earned grade of 'C' or better.

Social, Cultural, Indiv. Processes KIN 100 [3 cr.] or HTH 100 [3 cr.]

Economics* ECON 200 [3 cr.] or ECON 201 [3 cr.]

Geography* ANTH 195 [3 cr.] or GEOG 280 [3 cr.] GEOG 200 [3 cr.]


MATH 105 [3 cr.] Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning (Pre-Requisite for MATH 107 for students with a Math Placement Score <21. Must earn a C- or higher in this class)

MATH 107 [3 cr.] Fundamentals I* (Students must earn a C- or higher in this class)

MATH 108 [3 cr.] Fundamental II** (Students must earn a C- or higher in this class)

MATH 207 [3 cr.] Mathematical Problem Solving*** (Students must earn a C- or higher in this class to take higher level MATH courses)

Natural Sciences 

ISCI 171 Earth and Planetary Science for Teachers

ISCI 172 Physical Science for Teachers

ISCI 173 Life and Environmental Science for Teachers 

Remaining General Education Requirements

_____ Critical Thinking (Cluster 1, 3 hours)

_____ Fine Arts (Cluster 2, Tier 2, 3 hours).

Notes on the Core:

Courses taken as part of the Core will not double count in concentration areas.

* When fulfilling the Economics and Geography Core requirements, students need to take either ECON 200 or ANTH 195 to complete General Education requirements in the Cluster 4, Global Experience area. Students may take both ECON 200 and ANTH 195.

** Students are strongly encouraged to take Track II, though Track I, or the proper mix of Track I and II courses are acceptable. Students should see their IdLS advisors if they have taken Track I courses before becoming an IdLS major, or if Track II courses are unavailable. Science course work should cover earth, physical, and life sciences.

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