Web standards and guidelines

JMU's Web standards lead to more accurate and consistent messages on official JMU Web pages. A Web presence committee, formed in December 1999, developed standards and guidelines in cooperation with the JMU Web office and will review and update them periodically.

Web Manager 2.0

Web publishers who provide content for official JMU Web sites should use Web Manager 2.0 to ensure their sites meet or exceed university Web standards. Web Manager 2.0 allows publishers to construct and maintain official JMU sites using nothing more than Microsoft Internet Explorer and a simple HTML editor, such as Microsoft Word. Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or other Web-related languages is not required.

The JMU Web office and the Office of Information Technology constructed the original Web Manager, which has evolved to Web Manager 2.0, and offer training and support. For more information and to learn how to get access, visit IT Training Course Listing and register for the Web Manager 2.0 course.