Engaging photographs that show a slice of life at JMU are best. Choose photos that reveal our diverse campus community and represent the energy of the Madison experience. Select active academic photos with good student/faculty interaction instead of passive classroom shots.

Many photos can benefit from minor adjustments. Enhancing image quality is good, but severely altering an image is not. So minimizing shadows on someone’s face is fine, but changing their features is not. Never horizontally flip photos, which also alters reality. Draw attention to key subject matter in photos by cropping out unnecessary image area.

Profiles/Portraits: These need to illustrate James Madison University’s personality, showcasing strong, high-energy, confident and enterprising individuals engaged and connecting with the camera. The environment should be one that supports their story. These shots should be set up, lit and directed. Time should be given to determining the right location, wardrobe and participants.

Editorial: Natural and candid moments capture James Madison University at every level, from the classroom to the lab to the playing field. This approach gives an added level of realism by highlighting students, faculty and alumni and depicting their impact around campus, the region and the world.

Sense of Place: Location shots inspire pride and evoke nostalgia by highlighting the campus. With questions about photography, please contact:

Mike Miriello


Audiences continue to shift their information consumption from print to digital communications for many reasons, including immediacy, convenience and portability. This evolving medium also provides the opportunity to deliver video content as part of our branded messaging.

JMU audiences have come to appreciate and expect high-quality videos from the university. The Being the Change brand framework provides a vehicle to deliver branded content through video.

With questions about videography, or if you need more assets to complete your project, please contact:
Justin Roth
Lower thirds & caption samples

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