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LinkedIn is a powerful way to bring together and connect with alumni. With LinkedIn’s recent changes, JMU now has a “university page” (for alumni to follow) and a “company page” (for employees to follow). However, most JMU-related engagement happens in LinkedIn Groups, which bring together smaller groups of people with similar interests. Remember:

  • Groups are the best way to bring together targeted groups of people, such as alumni from a specific program or conference goers. Groups can be “open,” meaning anyone can join, or “closed,” which requires a group administrator to review each request to join the group.
  • Do not start a “university” or “company” page for your organization. JMU maintains the existing university and company pages that encompass alumni and employees from across all schools and colleges.
  • You can post about your group on JMU’s university page to drive traffic.

Contact & consult

University Communications is here to help with your social media efforts. We meet with colleges, departments, offices and organizations looking to start or maintaining social media presences. We can help establish social media strategies and brainstorm tactics with you.

We can also can answer quick questions and help trouble shoot. Let us know what's going by emailing and we will follow up with you!

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